Songs for the Everyman

Rewatch the live concert of Stephen Dodgson solo songs, a selection of those being recorded in 2021 by a star cast of musicians. Concert programme (PDF)

Stephen Dodgson: Watersmeet – chamber music with guitar
(complete CD)

Stephen Dodgson: Concerto for Flute & Strings, ‘Last of the Leaves’ and Duo Concerto
(complete CD)

Stephen Dodgson: Partita No. 1 – recorded by John Williams

Stephen Dodgson: Fantasy-Divisions – Sungbin Cho

Stephen Dodgson: The Snail and the Butterfly

Concert performances

Vickers-Bovey Guitar Duo play Stephen Dodgson- Concertino for Two Guitars

Stephen Dodgson: Pastoral Sonata

Recordings on Spotify